Glimmr Automap Tileset

version 1/100912 by Erik Temple

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    [Avoid assigning a tile to char 32 (empty space) -- this will slow down map display and cause flickering. If you want the map to have a background, either assign a background-image to the associated canvas of the map-renderer, or assign a background-color to the map-renderer itself.]

    Table of Automap Tiles
    Char  Tile  
    number  figure-name  
    3  Figure of automap in  
    4  Figure of automap out  
    5  Figure of automap inout  
    6  Figure of automap present in  
    7  Figure of automap present out  
    8  Figure of automap present inout  
    9  Figure of automap dark  
    10  Figure of automap present dark  
    2  Figure of north south path  
    1  Figure of east west path  
    35  Figure of ne sw path  
    36  Figure of nw se path  
    37  Figure of empty room center  
    90  Figure of diagonal cross  
    91  Figure of orthogonal cross   
    38  Figure of south wall  
    39  Figure of north wall  
    40  Figure of east wall  
    41  Figure of west wall  
    42  Figure of north exit  
    43  Figure of south exit  
    44  Figure of east exit  
    45  Figure of west exit  
    46  Figure of sw corner  
    47  Figure of nw corner  
    48  Figure of ne corner  
    49  Figure of se corner  
    50  Figure of sw exit  
    51  Figure of nw exit  
    52  Figure of ne exit  
    53  Figure of se exit  
    92  Figure of up arrow  
    93  Figure of down arrow  
    94  Figure of up down arrow  
    96  Figure of question arrow  
    54  Figure of full room  
    95  Figure of empty room  
    55  Figure of full south wall  
    56  Figure of full north wall  
    57  Figure of full east wall  
    58  Figure of full west wall  
    59  Figure of full north exit  
    60  Figure of full south exit  
    61  Figure of full east exit  
    62  Figure of full west exit  
    63  Figure of full sw corner  
    64  Figure of full nw corner  
    65  Figure of full ne corner  
    66  Figure of full se corner  
    67  Figure of full sw exit  
    68  Figure of full nw exit  
    69  Figure of full ne exit  
    70  Figure of full se exit  
    71  Figure of ne corner fill  
    72  Figure of se corner fill  
    73  Figure of sw corner fill  
    74  Figure of nw corner fill  
    11  Figure of n dual corner fill  
    12  Figure of e dual corner fill  
    13  Figure of s dual corner fill  
    14  Figure of w dual corner fill  
    123  Figure of full up arrow  
    124  Figure of full down arrow  
    125  Figure of full up down arrow  
    126  Figure of full question arrow  

    Glimmr Automap Tileset ends here.