Extended Debugging

version 2/100212 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Summary use options

    In the interest of such easy compartmentalization, Extended Debugging provides two use mutually exclusive use options that turn on Inform's debug tracing during the "before starting the virtual machine" activity so that actions tracing, scene tracing, and rules tracing can all be initiated before any windows are opened. These options are:

        Use initial brief debug tracing
        Use initial intensive debug tracing

    The former starts the game with brief rule-tracing on, while the latter uses intensive rule-tracing (as defined above). These options are mutually exclusive, but if you happen to define both accidentally, the extension will use the intensive option. Example of use:

        Section - Debugging Control

        Include Extended Debugging by Erik Temple.
        Use initial intensive debug tracing.

    Placing these directives in the same section allows all functionality provided by the extension to be turned off by simply marking the section as "(not for release)".