Extended Debugging

version 2/100212 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Basic Usage

    Simply including Extended Debugging in a project will enable Inform's built-in debugging commands in a released file. Note that we should use the standard Release option in the IDE, not the Save Debug Build option; the latter does not include multimedia resources.

    If we also want our own debugging code/commands to be available in the released file, we need to go one step further. Rather than marking sections that contain debugging code as "(not for release)", we mark them as follows:

        (for use with Extended Debugging by Erik Temple)

    If we place the directive to include Extended Debugging in its own section:

        Section - Extended Debugging

        Include Extended Debugging by Erik Temple.

    we can then mark just this section as "not for release," and released builds will then be free of both the built-in debugging commands as well as our own:

        Section - Extended Debugging (not for release)

        Include Extended Debugging by Erik Temple.