Extended Debugging

version 2/100212 by Erik Temple

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    Extended Debugging is a very simple extension that provides for an alternative means of controlling code that is not for release. It is intended as a workaround for Inform's inability to "release" (that is, save for distribution or testing outside the IDE) a blorbed debugging build.

    Extended Debugging also includes I7 wrappers that allow the author to turn Inform's standard rule-tracing debug commands on and off from the source code, rather than entering "rules on/all/off" at the command prompt. This is intended primarily to allow for the debugging of rules that run before the first command prompt appears; these are impossible to debug using Inform's default setup. Also included is the ability to ensure that a rule is displayed when rule-tracing is on, since Inform does not always report all rules. Finally, we can set text to be printed only when the extension is installed.

    Extended Debugging is compatible with both the Z-machine and with Glulx.