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  • Section 3 - Option pour la fin de jeu
    [(in place of Section SR2/12 - Final question options in Standard Rules by Graham Nelson)]

    Table of French Final Question Options
    final question wording  only if victorious  topic  final response rule  final response activity  
    "RECOMMENCER"  false  "recommencer"  immediately restart the VM rule  --  
    "CHARGER une partie sauvegardée"  false  "charger"  immediately restore saved game rule  --  
    "lire quelques suggestions amusantes (AMUSING)"  true  "amusing"  --  amusing a victorious player  
    "QUITTER"  false  "quitter"  immediately quit rule  --  
    --  false  "undo"  immediately undo rule  --  

    [-- end of this part-- ]