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  • Example: * Floral Greetings - An example bouquet of flowers.

        "Floral Greetings"
        Include Plurality by Emily Short.
        The Doghouse is a room. "Not so much a place as a state of being."
        The player carries a ticket to the opera, some papers, and a bouquet of flowers. The bouquet is ambiguously plural.
        Instead of eating something inedible, say "[The noun] [is-are] not going to agree with you at all. You'd be wiser to leave [it-them] alone."
        Instead of touching something: say "[Cap that-those of noun] [is-are] all prickly."
        Instead of smelling something: say "Your nose is too weak to get much smell from [that-those of noun]."
        Instead of smelling the bouquet: say "[Cap it-they of the noun] [is-are] lovely."
        Test me with "x ticket / eat it / eat them / touch it / touch them / smell it / smell them / x papers / eat it / eat them / x bouquet / eat it / eat them".