version 8 by Emily Short

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  • Section: Internal pronouns

    Finally, Plurality adds some control over how Inform sets its internal pronouns. The phrase "have the parser notice", which we can call when we want to manually set a pronoun. For instance

        Instead of searching the bedclothes:
            say "Among the sheets you find a broken locket.";
            have the parser notice the locket.
    ...will mean that the player who types >X IT in the next move will be referring to the locket rather than to something else.

    By default, Inform also notices the pronouns of items listed in room descriptions and inventory, so that for instance the last inventory item mentioned will usually wind up being considered "it". If we would like to turn off this behavior, we may say

        Use Manual Pronouns.
    It may then be useful to set the pronoun ourselves sometimes, with "have the parser notice...". Otherwise, the parser will assign pronouns only for nouns the player uses in commands.