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  • Section: Inflections

    Also included are



        is-are of item
        has-have of item

    which produce the correct forms as needed.

    After we have printed a number to the screen, we may use "numerical is-are" and "numerical has-have" to get the correct inflection; so for instance
        say "The [the number of things carried by the player in words] thing[s] in your arms [numerical is-are] heavy.";
    will produce is or are as appropriate. A

    Plurality also extends the behavior of the default [s] token so that if it is used after a noun rather than after a number, it will correctly inflect the verb to which it is attached, like so:

        say "[The item] stab[s] the griffin in the flank."
    and adds [es] and [ies], thus:

        say "[The viewer] sp[ies] the castle at a distance."
        say "You see [the number of flies] fl[ies] buzzing around the trash can."
        say "[The inspector group] fax[es] the document to HQ."