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    Section: Output tokens for pronouns

    This extension adds to say phrases for

        Cap that-those
        Cap it-they
        Cap it-them
        Cap its-their
        Cap its-theirs
        Cap possessive
        which refer to the last noun whose name has been printed. (For simplicity the token names do not reflect this fact, but if the last noun is a person, these tokens will produce "him" or "her" as appropriate, or "you" for the player.) The possessive is "your" for the player, and otherwise "[the item]'s".
        that-those of item
        Cap that-those of item
        it-they of item
        Cap it-they of item
        it-them of item
        Cap it-them of item
        its-their of item
        Cap its-their of item
        its-theirs of item
        Cap its-theirs of item
        possessive of item
        Cap possessive of item
    accept an object and also reset the prior named thing appropriately. is-are of item prints "is" or "are" appropriately for the item, though this will likely not be necessary very often, given that is-are already picks up whatever thing was last named by the game.

    In addition, there are demonstrative adjectives:

        that-those item
        Cap that-those item
    print things like "those shoes" and "That hat".