Empty Transfer

version 4 by Emily Short

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  • Example: * Sorting - A test case with boxes and enclosed items.


        Include Empty Transfer by Emily Short.

         Start Room is a room.

        The grey box, the silver box, the blue box, and the white box are openable open containers in the Start Room. The grey box contains an apple, an orange, a chocolate, and a mint. The white box contains a napkin. The blue box contains an anchovy and a key. The silver box contains a sense of wonder.

        The pedestal is a supporter in the Start Room.

        Clark is a man in the Start room. A persuasion rule: persuasion succeeds.

        Instead of taking the mint: say "The mint has melted in place." Instead of someone trying taking the mint: say "[The person asked] tries to pry the mint from place, but it is melted there."

        Instead of taking something which is in the silver box: say "You can't reach into the silver box." Instead of someone trying taking something which is in the silver box: say "[The person asked] cannot fit a hand into the silver box."

        Test empty with "empty grey / put all in grey / close grey / empty grey / empty apple / empty silver box".

        Test transfer with "empty grey into white / dump white into grey / put white in grey / empty grey into white / get all / put all in white / get grey / empty white into grey / dump grey into blue / dump blue onto pedestal".

        Test Clark1 with "get grey / drop grey / put all but grey in grey / close grey / clark, empty grey / clark, get orange and apple / clark, put orange and apple in grey / clark, empty silver box/ clark, drop grey / get grey / put all in grey / clark, empty grey".

        Test Clark2 with "clark, empty grey into white / clark, get white / clark, put orange into white / clark, empty white onto pedestal / clark, empty silver box".