Basic Hyperlinks

version 3 by Emily Short

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  • Example: * Mossy Bank - A running version of the Mossy Bank scenario.

        "Mossy Bank"
        Include Basic Hyperlinks by Emily Short.
        Mossy Bank is a room. "The shore here is made up of round rocks, very heavily grown over with a slippery grey-green moss. To the [set link 1]north[end link] is a small shack."

        Small Shack is north of Mossy Bank. "This little shack opens to the [set link 2]south[end link]."

        A lantern is in Small Shack. "There's [set link 3]a lantern[end link] on the floor."

        Table of Hyperlink Glulx Replacement Commands (continued)

      linknum    replacement  
      1  "north"  
      2  "south"  
      3  "take lantern"