Glulx Boxed Quotation

version 2 by Eliuk Blau

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    The boxed quotation would be shown properly in any Glulx interpreter supporting the "ReverseColor" Glk stylehint. In order to obtain the same feature even in those interpreters not supporting that stylehint, the quotation will be ever surrounded by "ASCII art" frame. (This extension will work even in that "Glulx incomplete" clients.)

    The boxed quotation in Inform 7 are normally drawn just after the prompt, but now we can force the drawing of the quotation in any moment, using the phrase:

        show the current quotation

    Additionally, we can disable the "ASCII art" frame that surround the quotation (not recommended), using the option:

        Use boxed quotation without frame.

    Thanks to Mel Hython for crying the development of that extension. His annoying noise give me a lot of motivation.