Adventure Book

version 1/110101 by Edward Griffiths

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  • Section 4 -- Asking for Help

    [Displays system commands.]

    Asking for help is an action applying to nothing.

    Understand "help" and "h" as asking for help.

    Carry out asking for help:
        say "[fixed letter spacing]Command Summary:[line break]
         LOOK / L Repeat the last page[line break]
         INVENTORY / I Show player inventory[line break]
         SAVE / S Save the game[line break]
         RESTORE / R Restore the game[line break]
         QUIT / Q Quit the game[line break]
         RESTART / X Restart the game[line break]
         HELP / H This text[line break]
         [line break]
         Select options by their number. To use an object, type its name as it appears in the inventory list.[variable letter spacing]".