Adventure Book

version 1/110101 by Edward Griffiths

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  • Chapter Two -- How the Parts of an Adventure Book Relate to Each Other

    [A page offers a number of choices. Not all choices offered on a page will be relevant; that's decided by a choice's relationships with the flags.]

    Offering relates one page (called the parent) to various choices. The verb to offer (it offers, they offer, it offered, it is offered, it is offering) implies the offering relation. The verb to be for implies the reversed offering relation.

    [A choice leads to one page of the text.]

    Triggering relates various choices to one page (called the destination). The verb to trigger (it triggers, they trigger, it triggered, it is triggered, it is triggering) implies the triggering relation.

    [Diverting leads from one page directly into another.]

    Following relates one page (called the destination) to various pages. The verb to follow (it follows, they follow, it followed, it is followed, it is following) implies the following relation.

    [A page may give or remove certain items or flags whenever it is visited.]

    Adding relates various pages to various flags. The verb to give (it gives, they give, it gave, it is given, it is giving) implies the adding relation.

    Clearing relates various pages to various flags. The verb to remove (it removes, they remove, it removed, it is removed, it is removing) implies the clearing relation.

    [A choice will be unavailable if any flag the choice requires is off or if any of the flags that stop it are on. A use also has an inventory item that the player must type in to activate the use.]

    Requiring relates various choices to various flags. The verb to require (it requires, they require, it required, it is required, it is requiring) implies the requiring relation.

    Cancelling relates various flags to various choices. The verb to cancel (it cancels, they cancel, it cancelled, it is cancelled, it is cancelling) implies the cancelling relation.

    Using relates various uses to one inventory item (called the tool). The verb to use (it uses, they use, it used, it is used, it is using) implies the using relation.