version 3 by David Ratliff

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  • Section 5 - Revenge

    Every turn (this is the fighting back rule):
        repeat with madman running through people begin;
            if madman is hostile begin;
                if madman can see the player begin;
                    if madman does not carry a weapon begin;
                        if madman can see a weapon (called tool) which is not carried by anyone begin;
                            say "[Madman] grabs [the tool]!";
                            now tool is carried by madman;
                        end if;
                    end if;
                    if madman carries a projectile (called boomstick), try madman shooting the player with the boomstick;
                    if madman carries a blade (called pigsticker), try madman stabbing the player with the pigsticker;
                end if;
            end if;
        if madman is dead, change madman to docile;
        end repeat.

    Armed ends here.