version 3 by David Ratliff

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  • Example: * Bob Fights Back! - A simple game featuring poor Bob. We can order Bob around (if we carry a weapon), or eliminate Bob. In this example, Bob will grab a weapon (if there is one available) and fight back. Using test commands may not give the desired results, as there is a 20% chance Bob will not do as he is told. After running the test me, one can restart the game to try something different. Trying test Bob will show Bob refusing to be bullied (and with luck, Bob refusing to commit suicide).

            *:"Bob Fights Back!"

            Include Armed by David Ratliff

            Use no scoring.

            Hyar is a room. Thar is east of Hyar. A gun is a fire arm in Hyar. Bob is a man in Hyar. A katana is a sword in Thar.

            Test me with "Bob, go east/take gun/Bob, go east/go east/x me/x Bob/shoot Bob with gun/x me/shoot Bob with gun/shoot Bob with gun/shoot Bob with gun/shoot Bob with gun/x me/x Bob/search Bob/take katana"

            Test Bob with "take gun/Bob, go east/go east/Bob, take katana/Bob, drop katana/Bob, stab Bob with katana"