version 3 by David Ratliff

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  • Section: Changes in this Version

    The shooting and stabbing actions now work for any actor, not just the player.

    This version no longer causes instant death when shooting or stabbing a person. Everyone starts out with 100 health, and attacks do various damage depending upon the weapon used and random outcomes.

    The player can use examine me for information about his or her health.

    Taking inventory will also allow the player to see his or her present health.

    Examining a NPC will also allow the player to see the present health of the NPC.

    If the player shoots or stabs another actor, that actor will become hostile. Hostile actors will take any weapon available (if there is one) and fight back.

    Additionally, a dead person no longer magically vanishes. A dead person, naturally, can not do anything, and little can be done to a dead person. If the need should arise, however, it is now possible to search the corpse of a fallen enemy, and take anything they may have been carrying.