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  • Section 5.2 - Internal rules - unindexed

    [ the following rule is called from the i6 code ]

    This is the custom_internal_i6 reveal any newly visible exterior rule:
    display LibMsg <reveal any newly visible exterior initial text> /
    the fake_newly_visible_exterior rule;
    if there is no newly visible exterior begin;
    display LibMsg <no newly visible exterior> /
         the fake_newly_visible_exterior_nothing rule;
    say ".";
    end if.

    This is the fake_newly_visible_exterior rule:
    say "You open [the main object], revealing [run paragraph on]".
    This is the fake_newly_visible_exterior_nothing rule:
    say "nothing."

    [ need to test the return value of WriteListFrom(); not sure how to do this in Inform 7 ]
    To decide whether there is no newly visible exterior:
    (- WriteListFrom(child(lm_o), ENGLISH_BIT+TERSE_BIT+CONCEAL_BIT) == 0 -).

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