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version 12/091223 by David Fisher

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    Table of library messages
    Message Id  Message Text  
    LibMsg <you have died>  "~"  
    LibMsg <you have won>  "~"  
    LibMsg <player self description>  "~"  
    LibMsg <unimportant object>  "~"  
    LibMsg <empty line>  "~"  
    LibMsg <confirm Quit>  "~"  
    LibMsg <yes or no prompt>  "~"  
    LibMsg <restrict answer>  "~"  
    LibMsg <page prompt>  "~"  
    LibMsg <menu prompt>  "~"  
    LibMsg <comment recorded>  "~"  
    LibMsg <comment not recorded>  "~"  
    LibMsg <undo succeeded>  "~"  
    LibMsg <undo failed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <undo not provided>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot undo nothing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot undo twice in a row>  "~"  
    LibMsg <undo forbidden>  "~"  
    LibMsg <oops failed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <oops too many arguments>  "~"  
    LibMsg <oops no arguments>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot do again>  "~"  
    LibMsg <again usage>  "~"  
    LibMsg <command not understood>  "~"  
    LibMsg <command partly understood>  "~"  
    LibMsg <command badly ended>  "~"  
    LibMsg <command incomplete>  "~"  
    LibMsg <command cut short>  "~"  
    LibMsg <number not understood>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot begin at comma>  "~"  
    LibMsg <extra words before comma>  "~"  
    LibMsg <unknown object>  "~"  
    LibMsg <object not held>  "~"  
    LibMsg <unknown verb>  "~"  
    LibMsg <verb cannot have inanimate object>  "~"  
    LibMsg <noun needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <noun not needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <object needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <object not needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <second object needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <second object not needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <second noun needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <second noun not needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <something more substantial needed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <verb cannot have multiple objects>  "~"  
    LibMsg <too many multiple objects>  "~"  
    LibMsg <not that many available>  "~"  
    LibMsg <no objects available>  "~"  
    LibMsg <zero multiple objects>  "~"  
    LibMsg <first N objects>  "~"  
    LibMsg <excepted object not included anyway>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report implicit take>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc implicit take>  "~"  
    LibMsg <use holdall to avoid exceeding carrying capacity>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot put if this exceeds carrying capacity>  "~"  
    LibMsg <who disambiguation>  "~"  
    LibMsg <which disambiguation>  "~"  
    LibMsg <whom disambiguation>  "~"  
    LibMsg <what disambiguation>  "~"  
    LibMsg <single object disambiguation>  "~"  
    LibMsg <pronoun not set>  "~"  
    LibMsg <pronoun absent>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Pronouns initial text>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Pronouns -means- text>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Pronouns -unset- text>  "~"  
    LibMsg <no pronouns known>  "~"  
    LibMsg <person ignores command>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot talk to absent person>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot talk to inanimate object>  "~"  
    LibMsg <npc unable to do that>  "~"  
    LibMsg <confirm Restart>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Restart failed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Restore failed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Restore succeeded>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Save failed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Save succeeded>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Verify succeeded>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Verify failed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <transcript already on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <transcript already off>  "~"  
    LibMsg <start of transcript>  "~"  
    LibMsg <end of transcript>  "~"  
    LibMsg <transcript failed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <end transcript failed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Score command>  "~"  
    LibMsg <score changed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <score notification turned on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <score notification turned off>  "~"  
    LibMsg <no scoring>  "~"  
    LibMsg <score rank>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc taking inventory>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Inventory initial text>  "~"  
    LibMsg <Inventory no possessions>  "~"  
    LibMsg <entering darkness>  "~"  
    LibMsg <dark description>  "~"  
    LibMsg <examine while dark>  "~"  
    LibMsg <search while dark>  "~"  
    LibMsg <look under while dark>  "~"  
    LibMsg <dark room name>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player taking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc taking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take yourself>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take other people>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take something you are within>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take something already taken>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take possessions of others>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take component parts>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take hidden parts>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot reach within closed containers>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take scenery>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take something fixed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot reach within other places>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot exceed carrying capacity>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player removing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc removing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot remove from closed containers>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot remove something not within>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player dropping>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc dropping>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot drop something already dropped>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot drop not holding>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot drop if this exceeds carrying capacity>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot drop clothes being worn>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player inserting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc inserting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot insert something not held>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot insert into something not a container>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot insert into closed containers>  "~"  
    LibMsg <need to take off before inserting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot insert something into itself>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot insert if this exceeds carrying capacity>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot insert clothes being worn>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player putting on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc putting on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot put something not held>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot put something on it-self>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot put onto something not a supporter>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot put onto something being carried>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot put clothes being worn>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player giving>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc giving to player>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc giving to npc>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot give what you have not got>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot give to yourself>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block giving>  "~"  
    LibMsg <unable to receive things>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot show what you have not got>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block showing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player entering>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc entering>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot enter something already entered>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot enter something not enterable>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot enter closed containers>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot enter something carried>  "~"  
    LibMsg <implicitly pass outwards through other barriers>  "~"  
    LibMsg <implicitly pass inwards through other barriers>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player exiting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc exiting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot exit when not within anything>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot exit closed containers>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot get off things>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot exit thing not within>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot go that way>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot travel in something not a vehicle>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot go through concealed doors>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot go up through closed doors>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot go down through closed doors>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot go through closed doors>  "~"  
    LibMsg <nothing through door>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block vaguely going>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc goes>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc arrives>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc arrives from unknown direction>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc arrives at>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc goes through>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc arrives from>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc vehicle>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc pushing in front with player>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc pushing in front>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc pushing away>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc pushing in>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say npc taking player along>  "~"  
    LibMsg <brief look mode>  "~"  
    LibMsg <superbrief look mode>  "~"  
    LibMsg <verbose look mode>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc looking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <top line what on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <top line what in>  "~"  
    LibMsg <top line what as>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say things within>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say things also within>  "~"  
    LibMsg <say things on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc examining>  "~"  
    LibMsg <examine undescribed things>  "~"  
    LibMsg <examine direction>  "~"  
    LibMsg <examine devices>  "~"  
    LibMsg <examine in darkness>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc searching>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot search unless container or supporter>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot search closed opaque containers>  "~"  
    LibMsg <nothing found within container>  "~"  
    LibMsg <nothing found on top of>  "~"  
    LibMsg <search in darkness>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc looking under>  "~"  
    LibMsg <look under>  "~"  
    LibMsg <look under in darkness>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player opening>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc opening>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report unseen npc opening>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot open unless openable>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot open something locked>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot open something already open>  "~"  
    LibMsg <reveal any newly visible exterior initial text>  "~"  
    LibMsg <no newly visible exterior>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player closing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc closing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report unseen npc closing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot close unless openable>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot close something already closed>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player locking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc locking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot lock without a lock>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot lock something already locked>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot lock something open>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot lock without the correct key>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player unlocking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc unlocking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot unlock without a lock>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot unlock something already unlocked>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot unlock without the correct key>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player switching on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc switching on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot switch on unless switchable>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot switch on something already on>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player switching off>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc switching off>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot switch off unless switchable>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot switch off something already off>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player wearing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc wearing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot wear something not clothing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot wear not holding>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot wear something already worn>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player taking off>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc taking off>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot take off something not worn>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player eating>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc eating>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot eat unless edible>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block drinking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block tasting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block smelling>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block listening>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player touching things>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc touching things>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player touching self>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc touching self>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player touching other people>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc touching other people>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block saying yes>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block saying no>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block saying sorry>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block swearing obscenely>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block swearing mildly>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block climbing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block jumping>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block swinging>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block waving hands>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block attacking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block burning>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block cutting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block rubbing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block setting to>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block tying>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player waving things>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc waving things>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot wave something not held>  "~"  
    LibMsg <squeezing people>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player squeezing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc squeezing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block throwing at>  "~"  
    LibMsg <throw at inanimate object>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player pushing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc pushing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player pulling>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc pulling>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player turning>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc turning>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block pushing in directions>  "~"  
    LibMsg <not pushed in a direction>  "~"  
    LibMsg <pushed in illegal direction>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot push something fixed in place>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot pull something fixed in place>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot turn something fixed in place>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot push scenery>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot pull scenery>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot turn scenery>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot push people>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot pull people>  "~"  
    LibMsg <cannot turn people>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block answering>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block asking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block buying>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block kissing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block singing>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block telling>  "~"  
    LibMsg <telling yourself>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block thinking>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block player consulting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block npc consulting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block sleeping>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block waking up>  "~"  
    LibMsg <block waking other>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report player waiting>  "~"  
    LibMsg <report npc waiting>  "~"