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  • Section: Special Characters

    Certain characters are special to Inform 7. A dot ("."), exclamation mark or question mark can mark the end of a sentence and cause a paragraph break; the following special values are defined to prevent this from happening:

        "." -- "[dot]"
        "!" -- "[ExMark]"
        "?" -- "[QMark]"

    Literal square brackets should be replaced with "[bracket]" or "[close bracket]"
    in messages like "[Previous turn undone]".

    As a convenience, the following abbreviations are also defined:

        "[/p]" -- same as "[paragraph break]"
        "[/n]" -- same as "[line break]" (newline)
        "[/r]" -- same as "[run paragraph on]"

    Messages ending with "." usually need a line break and most others need a paragraph break (these are not required by the Custom Library Messages extension).