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version 12/091223 by David Fisher

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  • Example: ** Messages II - Changing messages containing objects.

        "Messages II" by Ibid

        Include Default Messages by David Fisher.
        Include Plurality by Emily Short.

        The Saloon is a room.
        A gun is in the Saloon. Some boots are in the Saloon.

    The Plurality extension includes definitions for "[is/are]" and "if ... acts plural", used below.

        Table of custom library messages (continued)
      Message Id  Message Text  
      LibMsg <report player taking>  "You grab [the noun].[/p]"  
      LibMsg <cannot take something already taken>  "You already have [it-them of noun].[/p]"   
      LibMsg <cannot drop something already dropped>  "[The noun] [is-are] already right here.[/p]"   

        Test me with "drop gun / get gun / get gun / drop boots / get boots / get boots".