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        Table of custom library messages (continued)
      Message Id  Message Text  
      LibMsg <cannot go that way>  "You can't go that way."  
      LibMsg <cannot travel in something not a vehicle>  "You'll have to get off/out of [the main object] first."  
      LibMsg <cannot go through concealed doors>  "You can't go that way."  
      LibMsg <cannot go up through closed doors>  "You are unable to climb [the main object]."  
      LibMsg <cannot go down through closed doors>  "You are unable to descend by [the main object]."  
      LibMsg <cannot go through closed doors>  "You can't, since [the main object] is/are in the way."  
      LibMsg <nothing through door>  "You can't, since [the main object] leads nowhere."  
      LibMsg <block vaguely going>  "You'll have to say which compass direction to go in.[run paragraph on]"  
      LibMsg <say npc goes>  "[The person asked] goes (direction)"  
      LibMsg <say npc arrives>  "[The person asked] arrives from the (direction)"  
      LibMsg <say npc arrives from unknown direction>  "[The person asked] arrives"  
      LibMsg <say npc arrives at>  "[The person asked] arrives at [the main object] from the (direction)"  
      LibMsg <say npc goes through>  "[The person asked] goes through [the main object]"  
      LibMsg <say npc arrives from>  "[The person asked] arrives from the (direction)"  
      LibMsg <say npc vehicle>  "in/on [the main object]"  
      LibMsg <say npc pushing in front with player>  ", pushing [the main object] in front, and you along too"  
      LibMsg <say npc pushing in front>  ", pushing [the main object] in front"  
      LibMsg <say npc pushing away>  ", pushing [the main object] away"  
      LibMsg <say npc pushing in>  ", pushing [the main object] in"  
      LibMsg <say npc taking player along>  ", taking you along"