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version 12/091223 by David Fisher

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  • Section: Changing Library Messages

    This extension has at its heart a table of library messages.

    Including something like the following somewhere in your code will
    automatically change the library messages you specify:

        Table of custom library messages (continued)
      Message Id  Message Text  
      LibMsg <confirm Quit>  "Really quit...?"  

    You can also change a library message after the game has already started:

        set LibMsg <confirm Quit> to "Really quit...?"

    For a complete list of messages and their default values, see the
    section "Messages" at the end of this documentation.

    Although only a single string is permitted for the Message Text,
    it is still possible to add more lengthy conditions by defining
    a special "say" rule:

        set LibMsg <confirm Quit> to "[quit msg]"

        To say quit msg: