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version 12/091223 by David Fisher

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  • Section: New Messages In This Version

    The following new messages have been added in this version of Custom Library Messages:

        LibMsg <cannot drop if this exceeds carrying capacity>
        LibMsg <cannot exit thing not within>
        LibMsg <comment recorded>
        LibMsg <comment not recorded>
        LibMsg <no scoring>
        LibMsg <score rank>
        LibMsg <noun needed>
        LibMsg <noun not needed>
        LibMsg <object needed>
        LibMsg <object not needed>
        LibMsg <second object needed>
        LibMsg <second object not needed>
        LibMsg <second noun needed>
        LibMsg <second noun not needed>
        LibMsg <something more substantial needed>
        LibMsg <undo forbidden>
        LibMsg <dark room name>
        LibMsg <report unseen npc closing>
        LibMsg <report unseen npc opening>
        LibMsg <report npc implicit take>
        LibMsg <npc unable to do that>
        LibMsg <say npc arrives at>
        LibMsg <say npc arrives from unknown direction>
        LibMsg <say npc arrives from>
        LibMsg <say npc arrives>
        LibMsg <say npc goes through>
        LibMsg <say npc goes>
        LibMsg <say npc pushing away>
        LibMsg <say npc pushing in front with player>
        LibMsg <say npc pushing in front>
        LibMsg <say npc pushing in>
        LibMsg <say npc taking player along>
        LibMsg <say npc vehicle>

    In addition, LibMsg <report npc giving> has been split into:

        LibMsg <report npc giving to npc>
        LibMsg <report npc giving to player>

    And the "report npc opening/closing" messages have been split into:

        LibMsg <report npc opening>
        LibMsg <report unseen npc opening>
        LibMsg <report npc closing>
        LibMsg <report unseen npc closing>