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version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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  • Section 2.4 - Undo

    Table of library messages (continued)
    Message Id  Message Text  
    LibMsg <undo succeeded>  "[bracket]Previous turn undone[dot][close bracket]"  
    LibMsg <undo failed>  "[apostrophe]Undo[apostrophe] failed. [bracket]Not all interpreters provide it[dot][close bracket]"  
    LibMsg <undo not provided>  "[bracket]Your interpreter does not provide [apostrophe]undo[apostrophe]. Sorry[ExMark][close bracket]"  
    LibMsg <cannot undo nothing>  "[bracket]You can't [apostrophe]undo[apostrophe] what hasn't been done[ExMark][close bracket]"  
    LibMsg <cannot undo twice in a row>  "[bracket]Can't [apostrophe]undo[apostrophe] twice in succession. Sorry[ExMark][close bracket]"  
    LibMsg <undo forbidden>  "The use of UNDO is forbidden in this game."