Custom Library Messages

version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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    Part 5 - Rule handling - unindexed

    Section 5.1 - Reporting rules - unindexed

    To display (id_ - a library message id):
    display_part_1 for id_;
    follow the after library messages rule;

    To display (id_ - a library message id) without 'after library messages':
    display_part_1 for id_;

    To display_part_1 for (id_ - a library message id):
    change curr_subject to the person asked; [ "actor" in Inform 6 ]
    change main object to the noun;
    set the current object to the main object / "set up";
    change library-message-id to id_;
    abide by the before library messages rule;
    follow the print library message rule.

    To display_part_2:
    set_to_nothing main object;
    if libmsg-was-empty is 0 begin;
    if library-message-id is not LibMsg <reveal any newly visible exterior initial text>,
    say "[if there are not multiple objects][/n]";
    end if.

    To set_to_nothing (x_ - an object):
    (- {x_} = nothing; -).