Custom Library Messages

version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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  • Section 2.3 - Prompts and Input

    Table of library messages (continued)
    Message Id  Message Text  
    LibMsg <empty line>  "I beg your pardon?"  
    LibMsg <confirm Quit>  "Are you sure you want to quit? "  
    LibMsg <yes or no prompt>  "Please answer yes or no."  
    LibMsg <restrict answer>  "Please give one of the answers above."  
    LibMsg <page prompt>  "[/n][bracket]Please press SPACE[dot][close bracket]"  
    LibMsg <menu prompt>  "[/n]Type a number from 1 to [numeric amount], 0 to redisplay or press ENTER."  
    LibMsg <comment recorded>  "[bracket]Comment recorded[dot][close bracket]"  
    LibMsg <comment not recorded>  "[bracket]Comment NOT recorded[dot][close bracket]"