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  • Section 2.47 - Physical Interaction

    Table of library messages (continued)
    Message Id  Message Text  
    LibMsg <block attacking>  "Violence [isn't|wasn't] the answer to this one."  
    LibMsg <block burning>  "This dangerous act [would achieve] little."  
    LibMsg <block cutting>  "Cutting [that|those] up [would achieve] little."  
    LibMsg <block rubbing>  "[You] achiev[e-s] nothing by this."  
    LibMsg <block setting to>  "No, [you] [=> present tense][can't][=> default tense] set [that|those] to anything."  
    LibMsg <block tying>  "[You] [would achieve] nothing by this."  
    LibMsg <report player waving things>  "[You] look[-s] ridiculous waving [the % dobj]."  
    LibMsg <report npc waving things>  "[The actor] wav[e-s] [the % dobj]."  
    LibMsg <cannot wave something not held>  "But [you] [aren't] holding [that|those]."  
    LibMsg <squeezing people>  "[Keep your hands to yourself]."  
    LibMsg <report player squeezing>  "[You] achiev[e-s] nothing by this."  
    LibMsg <report npc squeezing>  "[The actor] squeez[e-s] [the % dobj]."  
    LibMsg <block throwing at>  "[You] lack[-s] the nerve when it [comes|came] to the crucial moment."  
    LibMsg <throw at inanimate object>  "Futile."