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  • Section 2.44 - Touching

    To say keep your hands to yourself:
    say "[Keep] [your] hands to [yourself]"

    To say Keep:
    say "[=> player]";
    if lm_p2 and lm_sing, say "Keep";
    otherwise say "[You] should keep"

    Table of library messages (continued)
    Message Id  Message Text  
    LibMsg <report player touching things>  "[You] [feel*] nothing unexpected."  
    LibMsg <report npc touching things>  "[The actor] touch[-es] [the % dobj]."  
    LibMsg <report player touching self>  "If [you] [=> present tense]think[-s][=> default tense] that[apostrophe]ll help."  
    LibMsg <report npc touching self>  "[The actor] touch[-es] [himself]."  
    LibMsg <report player touching other people>  "[Keep your hands to yourself][if lm_p2 and lm_sing]![otherwise].[end if]"  
    LibMsg <report npc touching other people>  "[The actor] touch[-es] [the % dobj]."