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  • Section 2.23 - Insert

    Table of library messages (continued)
    Message Id  Message Text  
    LibMsg <report player inserting>  "[if there are multiple objects]Done[otherwise][You] [puts*] [the % dobj] into [the second noun][end if]."  
    LibMsg <report npc inserting>  "[The actor] [puts*] [the % dobj] into [the second noun]."  
    LibMsg <cannot insert something not held>  "[You] [=> present tense]need[-s][=> default tense] to be holding [the % dobj] before [you] can put [it|them] into something else."  
    LibMsg <cannot insert into something not a container>  "[That|those] can't contain things."  
    LibMsg <cannot insert into closed containers>  "[The %] [is|are] closed."  
    LibMsg <need to take off before inserting>  "[You][apostrophe]ll need to take [it|them] off first."  
    LibMsg <cannot insert something into itself>  "[You] [=> present tense][can't][=> default tense] put something inside itself."  

    [ See also:
    LibMsg <cannot insert if this exceeds carrying capacity>
        LibMsg <cannot insert clothes being worn> ]