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version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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  • Section 2.10 - Implicit Actions

    To say entering|getting onto-into:
    if main object is not a supporter and main object is not a container,
    say "entering";
    otherwise say "getting [onto|into]".

    Table of library messages (continued)
    Message Id  Message Text  
    LibMsg <report implicit take>  "(first taking [the % dobj])"  
    LibMsg <report npc implicit take>  "([the actor] first taking [the % dobj])"  
    LibMsg <implicitly pass outwards through other barriers>  "(getting [off|out of] [the % dobj])"  
    LibMsg <implicitly pass inwards through other barriers>  "([entering|getting onto-into] [the % dobj])"  
    LibMsg <cannot drop clothes being worn>  "(first taking [the % dobj] off)"  
    LibMsg <cannot insert clothes being worn>  "(first taking [it|them] off)"  
    LibMsg <cannot put clothes being worn>  "(first taking [it|them] off)"