Custom Library Messages

version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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  • Section: Take

        Table of custom library messages (continued)
      Message Id  Message Text  
      LibMsg <report player taking>  "Taken."  
      LibMsg <report npc taking>  "[The actor] pick[-s] up [the % dobj]."  
      LibMsg <cannot take yourself>  "[You] [are] always self-possessed."  
      LibMsg <cannot take other people>  "I don't suppose [the %] would [if lm_past]have cared[otherwise]care[end if] for that."  
      LibMsg <cannot take something you are within>  "[You][apostrophe]d have to get [off|out of] [the % dobj] first."  
      LibMsg <cannot take something already taken>  "[You] already [have] [that|those]."  
      LibMsg <cannot take possessions of others>  "[=> noun]library message grammatical numberThat|those] seem[-s] to belong to [the % dobj]."  
      LibMsg <cannot take component parts>  "[=> noun]library message grammatical numberThat|those] seem[-s] to be a part of [the % dobj]."  
      LibMsg <cannot take hidden parts>  "[That|those] [isn't|aren't] available."  
      LibMsg <cannot reach within closed containers>  "[The %] [isn't|aren't] open."  
      LibMsg <cannot take scenery>  "[That's|they're] hardly portable."  
      LibMsg <cannot take something fixed>  "[That's|they're] fixed in place."  
      LibMsg <cannot reach within other places>  "[You] [=> present tense][can't][=> default tense] reach into [the % dobj]."  

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