Custom Library Messages

version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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  • Section: Illegal Commands

        Table of custom library messages (continued)
      Message Id  Message Text  
      LibMsg <unknown object>  "[You] [can't] see any such thing."  
      LibMsg <object not held>  "[You] [aren't] holding that!"  
      LibMsg <unknown verb>  "That's not a verb I [if using the American dialect option]recognize.[otherwise]recognise."  
      LibMsg <verb cannot have inanimate object>  "[You] [can] only do that to something animate."  
      LibMsg <noun needed>  "You must supply a noun."  
      LibMsg <noun not needed>  "You may not supply a noun."  
      LibMsg <object needed>  "You must name an object."  
      LibMsg <object not needed>  "You may not name an object."  
      LibMsg <second object needed>  "You must name a second object."  
      LibMsg <second object not needed>  "You may not name a second object."  
      LibMsg <second noun needed>  "You must supply a second noun."  
      LibMsg <second noun not needed>  "You may not supply a second noun."  
      LibMsg <something more substantial needed>  "You must name something more substantial."