Custom Library Messages

version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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  • Section: A Little Grammar

    It is possible to change the tense, person, number and gender of
    the standard library messages with this extension. A reminder of
    what each of these terms mean:

    "Tense" is to do with time. "He eats" is in the present tense;
    "He ate" is in the past tense. Future tense is not handled in
    this extension.

    "Person" is to do with the point of view of the speaker. Some examples:

        First person - "I eat", "We eat"
        Second person - "You eat"
        Third person - "He/she/it eats", "They eat"

    "Number" is either singular (one thing) or plural (more than one).

    "Gender" is either masculine, feminine or neuter. This only makes
    a difference for the third person singular ("he/she/it eats").

    Changing these values is simple:

        When play begins:
    change the library message tense to past tense;
    change the library message person to third person;
    change the library message grammatical number to singular;
    change the library message gender to gender feminine.

    This will cause the library message "You can't go that way" to become
    "She couldn't go that way", and so on.

    These values may be changed at any time during the game, not just at the beginning.