Custom Library Messages

version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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  • Section: Known Bugs And Limitations

    The rules for contents listing ("providing light", "which is open", etc)
    have not been replaced. It should be possible to modify these messages
    via the appropriate rule books.

    Contents listing for past tense has a more difficult problem; the "is/are" in things
    like "On the table is a key" and "In the box are a cat and a dog" is difficult to change
    to "was/were" without replacing several core Inform 6 routines (which is possible, but
    slightly risky). If the game stays in past tense for the whole time, here is a way to
    fix this problem manually:

    Edit the file "Inform 7/Library/Natural/English.h" with a normal text editor, and
    search for "IS__TX" (about line 365). There are several quoted strings containing
    "is" and "are". Change these to "was" and "were". Note that this will need to be
    repeated each time you update your version of Inform 7.

    Bug reports and suggestions may be sent to ""
    (with a meaningful subject line, such as "[I7 library messages] ...") or posted
    to the "" newsgroup.