Custom Library Messages

version 28/100614 by David Fisher

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  • Section: Using Commands Outside The Library

    The commands like "[you]", "[the $]", etc. may be used outside of the
    library messages with some care. The current object may need to be
    set with "[=> ...]" several times during a paragraph. For example:

        say "[=> nasty creature][The $] glar[e-s] at [you dobj].
            [You] stumbl[e-s] backwards towards the cliff edge,
            almost losing [your] footing.
            [=> nasty creature][He] start[-s] to advance towards [you dobj]."

    Depending on what the "nasty creature" is and the tense/person/number/gender
    settings, the above command may produce something like the following:

        The wolves glared at me. I stumbled backwards towards the cliff edge, almost losing my footing. They started to advance towards me.

    It is also possible to change what "%" refers to with "[% => ...]"; for example:

        say "[% => nasty creature][You] [can] [see*] [the % dobj] crouching among the rocks. "