version 5/071110 by David Cornelson

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  • Example: ** InfoLand - Example of asking who and what a couple of things are in a game.


        Include WhoWhat by David Cornelson.

        Infoland is a room. "You are in a familiar land with lots of familiar things. You can see Floyd here and a thief."

        When play begins:
            now the People Identity Table is the Table of People Identities;
            now the Thing Identity Table is the Table of Thing Identities;
            now the Player Character Identity Table is the Table of Player Character Identities.

        Table of People Identities
      Topic  Response  
      "floyd/robot"  "He is your friend."  
      "thief/stranger"  "You don't know the stranger,   but he looks very suspicious."  

        Table of Thing Identities
      Topic  Response  
      "floyd/robot"  "Floyd is a robot."  
      "thief/stranger"  "He seems to be a thief."  

        Table of Player Character Identities
      Topic  Response  
      "girl"  "So it would seem, although you'd prefer a few more curves."  
      "pretty"  "You hide it well."  

        Test me with "who is floyd? / what is floyd? / who is the thief? / what is the thief? / am i girl? / am i pretty? ".