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  • Chapter 5 - Characters Help

    Character Help is a help command.
    Understand "character", "characters", "people", "actor", "actors", "npc", "npcs" as Character Help.

    Report helping Character Help:
        say "[bold type]Characters Help[roman type]

    Every story has a protagonist, the lead, or main character. This is the part that you're playing. But every story also has other characters and Interactive Fiction is no different. Although it's entirely possible to encounter an Interactive Fiction story without any other characters, it's important to understand how to interact with them. Obviously you can use some of the common commands to [italic type]kiss[roman type] or [italic type]kill[roman type] another character, but sometimes it's best to just talk. In order to talk to another character you need to initiate a conversation. Interactive Fiction, just like many books, has different ways of handling conversation.

    The most common conversation types include:[line break]
    [bold type]menu driven[roman type] - menu driven conversations are a tree-like menu system that allows you to select preset talking points like 'You ask Bob about borrowing the lawn mower.'[line break]
    [bold type]ask/tell[roman type] - ask/tell is a simple conversation system that requires you to ask a character about a topic, such as 'ask carol about bob' or 'ask bob about work'[line break]
    [bold type]talk to[roman type] - talk to is an even simpler conversation system that requires you to simply talk to a character, as in 'talk to bob' or 'talk to carol' and will often use your current circumstances to identify the appropriate response

    The characters within an Interactive Fiction story may help you or they may hinder you. They may provide valuable information or be completely useless. They may follow you or have their own paths to follow. Some will be people, some will be animals, and some might even be a ghost.[line break]";