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  • Chapter 4 - Command Help

    Command Help is a help command.
    Understand "command","commands","syntax","words" as Command Help.

    Report helping Command Help:
        say "[bold type]Command Help[roman type]

    Each Interactive Fiction story has a common set of commands as well as additional commands particular to the story. Common commands include: [Help Common Commands].

    Some commands require a single object, as in [italic type]examine painting[roman type]. Other commands have a more complex syntax, such as [italic type]put sock in drawer[roman type]. In some cases, a command will require a preposition and possibly adjectives, as in [italic type]pull the green cart into the south tunnel with the long rope[roman type].

    There are several commands that are called 'out of world' commands and these help you interact with the product and not the story. The out of world commands include:[line break][line break]
    [bold type]save[roman type] - allows you to save your game[line break]
    [bold type]restore[roman type] - allows you to restore a previously saved game[line break]
    [bold type]restart[roman type] - allows you to start the game from the beginning[line break]
    [bold type]quit[roman type] - allows you to quit the game and close the product[line break]
    [bold type]undo[roman type] - allows you to undo up to five previous turns[line break]
    [bold type]transcript[roman type] - allows you to output the game text to an external text file (transcript on/transcript off)[line break]
    [bold type]version[roman type] - allows you to see the version and credits for the game[line break]
    [bold type]score[roman type] - displays the current score, if the game implements scoring[line break]
    [bold type]brief[roman type] - displays short location setting descriptions, but be careful - many games hide their best puzzles in the details of a good description[line break]
    [bold type]verbose[roman type] - displays full location setting descriptions (recommended)[line break]"

    Help Common Commands is a list of text that varies.
    Help Common Commands is {"examine", "search", "look", "inventory", "run", "jump", "kiss", "eat", "listen", "smell", "taste", "touch", "take", "get", "drop", "hit", "kill", "attack", "punch", "light", "turn", "push", "press", "pull", "move", "steal", "put", "read", "remove", "turn", "show", "switch"}.

    To Say Help Common Commands:
        let x be the number of entries in Help Common Commands;
        let y be a number;
        let y be 0;
        repeat with n running through Help Common Commands:
            increase y by 1;
            if y is less than x:
                say "[bold type][n][roman type], ";
                say "and ";
                say "[bold type][n][roman type]".