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  • Chapter 2 - Map Help

    Map Help is a help command.
    Understand "map","n","north","s","south","e","east","w","west","ne","northeast","nw","northwest","se","southeast","sw","southwest","in","out","up","down","directions","directional","exits" as Map Help.

    Report helping Map Help:
        say "[bold type]Map Help[roman type]

    In order to move around the setting of an Interactive Fiction game, the most common method is using compass directions. This includes [bold type]north[roman type], [bold type]south[roman type], [bold type]east[roman type], [bold type]west[roman type], as well as [bold type]northeast[roman type], [bold type]northwest[roman type], [bold type]southeast[roman type], [bold type]southwest[roman type]. You can abbreviate these with [bold type]n[roman type], [bold type]s[roman type], [bold type]e[roman type], [bold type]w[roman type], [bold type]ne[roman type], [bold type]nw[roman type], [bold type]se[roman type], [bold type]sw[roman type]. Other directional commands include [bold type]in[roman type], [bold type]out[roman type], [bold type]up[roman type] or [bold type]u[roman type], and [bold type]down[roman type] or [bold type]d[roman type]. Sometimes you can [bold type]enter[roman type] or [bold type]embark[roman type] and then [bold type]exit[roman type] or [bold type]disembark[roman type]."