Basic Help

version 1 by David Cornelson

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    Helping is an action out of world applying to one visible thing.
    DefaultHelping is an action out of world.
    Understand "help [any help command]" as helping.
    Understand "help" as defaulthelping.

    A help command is a kind of thing.

    Help Switch is a truth state that varies.
    Help Count is a number that varies.
    Help Fade is a number that varies.

    When play begins:
        say "This game is equipped with a simple help system. Type [bold type]help[roman type] to learn more about Interactive Fiction.";
        now the Help Count is 0;
        now the Help Fade is 5;
        now the Help Switch is true.

    Every turn when the help switch is true:
        increase Help Count by 1;
        if Help Count is less than Help Fade:
            Print the Help Notice;
            now Help Count is 0;
            now Help Switch is false;
            say "The help system will now turn off its reminder, but you can always type 'help' at any time."

    After printing a parser error:
        if the Help Switch is true:
            say "[line break]";
            Print the Help Notice.

    To Print the Help Notice:
        say "Remember, you can type 'help' if you need assistance."