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  • Example: ** More advanced worlds - Making more objects to buy and sell.
        Include Currency by Blaze5565.
        The currency of the player is $100.
        Bank is a room. Bob is a person in the bank.
        The water bottle is a container in the bank. Understsand "water" as the water bottle. The water bottle is portable. The currency of the water bottle is $3.
        The ninja is held by Bob. The currency of the ninja is $12.
        The grape is held by Bob. The description of the grape is "A grape." The currency of the grape is $125.
        Test me with "Buy water from Bob/Buy water from grape/Buy Bob from Bob/Buy Bob from water/sell water to Bob/take water/sell water to Bob/i/buy water from Bob/i/sell water to Bob/i/buy grape from Bob/i/sell grape to Bob/i/buy ninja from Bob/i/sell ninja to Bob/i"