Rapid Prototyping

version 1 by B David Paulsen

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    Requesting help is an action applying to nothing. Understand "help" or "commands" as requesting help.
    Report requesting help:
        repeat through the Table of Commands:
            say "[bold type]== [title entry] ==[roman type][paragraph break]";
            repeat through the table entry:
                say help-row for command entry and meaning entry;
            say line break.
    To say (x - text) in brackets: say "[bracket]"; say x; say "[close bracket]";
    To say h-iol: say "item or 'location'" in brackets.
    To say h-i: say "item" in brackets.
    To say h-l: say "'location'" in brackets.
    To say h-t: say "text" in brackets.
    To say h-k: say "kind" in brackets.
    To say h-d: say "direction" in brackets.
    To say h-r: say "room" in brackets.
    To say help-row for (x - text) and (y - text): say "[bold type][x]:[italic type] [y][line break]".
    Table of Commands
    title  table  
    "Commands relating to text"  Table of Text Prototyping Commands  
    "Setting and unsetting properties"  Table of Property Prototyping Commands  
    "Adding and removing things"  Table of Creation Prototyping Commands  
    "Other commands"  Table of Other Prototyping Commands  
    Table of Text Prototyping Commands
    command  meaning  
    "describe [h-iol]"  "Appends new paragraph to the description of the item or location. Paragraphs are broken with ENTER. Editing ends by hitting ENTER twice."  
    "undescribe [h-iol]"  "Clears the description of the item or location."  
    "name [h-iol] [h-t]"  "Changes the name of the item or the current location into the text. Also sets the I7 name of the item or room to the last word of the text."  
    "name [h-iol] [h-t]|[h-t]"  "Alternate syntax to manually specify both the name of the item or room, and the internal I7 name of the item or room."  
    "appearance [h-i] [h-t]"  "Sets the initial appearance of the item to the text."  
    Table of Property Prototyping Commands
    command  meaning  
    "enter/unenter [h-i]"  "Toggles enterable status for the item."  
    "fix/unfix [h-i]"  "Toggles fixed in place status for the item."  
    "scenery/unscenery [h-i]"  "Toggles scenery status for the item."  
    "proper/improper [h-i]"  "Toggles whether the item is proper-named or not."  
    "fuse [h-i] to [h-i]"  "Makes the first item part of the second."  
    Table of Creation Prototyping Commands
    command  meaning  
    "add [h-k]"  "Spawns a blank item of the specified kind in location."  
    "delete [h-i]"  "Removes the item specified from the game."  
    "delete [h-d]"  "Removes a path in the specified direction."   
    "delete [h-l]"  "Marks the current location and its contents for deletion. Deletion occurs when the player leaves the room."  
    "dig [h-d]"  "Makes a passage in the specified direction and places a room there."  
    "dig [h-d] [h-r]"  "Connects location via the specified direction to the named room."  
    Table of Other Prototyping Commands
    command  meaning  
    "view code/source"  "Generates the resultant I7 code. This code contains the metainformation necessary to continue using Rapid Prototyping."  
    "view code/source finally"  "Generates the resultant I7 code without metainformation. This is what you use when you're done prototyping."  
    "help"  "Displays this help section."  
    Rapid Prototyping ends here.