Rapid Prototyping

version 1 by B David Paulsen

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  • Example: * Simple test case -- Creating a small room and filling it with items.
        "Simple test case"
        Include Rapid Prototyping by B David Paulsen.
        Use testing correction.
        There is a room.
        test me with "test surroundings/test sofa/look/view code".
        test surroundings with "name location Your Home/describe location/Your home is as it ever was: neat, cozy, and in dire need of cleaning./Well, all right, some would say it's a filthy hovel. But they'd be wrong./".
        test sofa with "add container/enterable container/fix container/describe container/You've always had a soft spot for this leather sofa, patches and all.//appearance container Your sofa stands here invitingly./name container sofa that's seen better days|sofa/add thing/name thing patch/fuse patch to sofa".