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version 1 by Andre Kosmos

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        "test problem for exit lister" by Andre Kosmos.

        include exit lister by Andre Kosmos.

        Hallway is a room. "This hallway is decorated with the simplest wallpaper you have ever seen. There are no pictures, or plates with wise words, nor tiles with proverbs hanging on any of the walls. The only thing you notice is that all the doors are painted in different colors."

        The brown door is west of hallway and east of the Living Room. It is a door and scenery.
        The description of the living room is "You are in a well decorated room here, there are numerous pictures on the walls, some comfy looking chairs, and a big television set."

        The green door is south of hallway and north of Living room. It is a door and scenery.

    The green door is now mentioned instead of the brown door. And if you have only one door it will be mentioned for both directions. Maybe I will find a solution for this problem, but I doubt it. My advise is to avoid this situation. If you have two connections between the same two rooms, don't put any doors there!