Supplemental Actions

version 35 by Al Golden

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  • Version 35 of Supplemental Actions by Al Golden begins here.
    "This extension adds 12 separated actions, 11 expanded actions, and 22 new actions.
    It also allows an NPC to be given something, and the player to ask for items carried or worn by the NPC."
    use MAX_ACTIONS of 900.
    To say verbword: (- print (address) verb_word; -).
    to say l: say line break.
    a thing is either emptyable or unemptyable.
    a container is usually emptyable.
    a thing is either broken or unbroken.
    a thing is usually unbroken.
    a thing is either folded or unfolded.
    a thing is usually unfolded.
    a thing is either climbable or unclimbable.
    a thing is usually unclimbable.
    a thing is either diggable or undiggable.
    a thing is usually undiggable.
    a thing is either fillable or unfillable.
    a thing is usually unfillable.
    a thing is either filled or unfilled.
    a thing is usually unfilled.
    a thing is either inflated or deflated.
    a thing is usually deflated.
    a thing is either inflatable or uninflatable.
    a thing is usually uninflatable.
    a thing is either safe or dangerous.
    a thing is usually safe.
    a thing is either poisonous or non-poisonous.
    a thing is usually non-poisonous.
    a thing is either swimmable or unswimmable.
    a thing is usually unswimmable.
    a thing is either empty or unempty.
    a thing is usually empty.
    definition: a supporter is empty if the number of things on it is 0.
    definition: a supporter is unempty if the number of things on it is not 0.
    definition: a container is empty if the number of things in it is 0.
    definition: a container is unempty if the number of things in it is not 0.