Liquid Handling

version 8 by Al Golden

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    This extension is for handling of liquids:

    Basically mixing,drinking,and transfering from
    one container to another container or a location.

    It now requires Version 34 of Supplemental Actions also by myself.


    You will need to denote that a substance is a liquid and
    the liquid is either wet or dry. A dry liquid is termed a powder.

    Liquids need to made drinkable otherwise they can't be drunk.

    Absorbent things like sponges need to be called absorbers.

    An example of this is as follows:

    An absorber called a sponge is in the Closet.

    if you want to mix more than two liquids or powders together
    you need to do it in stages. See the Example "A Bunch of Goodies"

    What you basically do is call the first mixture a "cocktail"
    or whatever name you want to give it, then you can mix the "cocktail"
    with the third liquid. If more liquids are desired to be mixed you
    need to mix the "new cocktail" with the next liquid you desire etc.

    If you want an object to float then designate it as "floatable".

    If you want a leakable container you need to designate it as "leaky".

    a container that will hold absolutely nothing needs to be designated a "bc",
    and you will not be able to insert or pour anything into it.
    It remains perpetually

    A mixture of two or more things can be either poisonous or safe.

    Things are safe, but can be poisonous if so designated by the author.

    It is highly advised to print out this entire extension and study it.

    Comments,suggestions etc can be posted to raif and I'll respond accordingly.