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  • Example: ** Debug Test - a small program for testing the extension.

        "Debug Test"

        include Debugging by Al Golden.

        rule for deciding whether all includes a person:it does not.

        Starter is a room.

        a supporter called a platform is in Starter.

        a man called Joe is in Starter.
        a woman called Flo is in Starter.
        a box, a lox, and a pox are in Starter.
        the box is a container.
        a supporter called a platform is in Starter.
        Booby is a patroller in Starter.

        a vehicle called an automobile is in Starter.
        a vehicles called a truck is in Starter.

        Ender is north of Starter.
        a man called Mike is in Ender.
        a woman called Betty is in Ender.

        a dog, a frog, and a log are in Ender.
        the dog and frog are animals.

        a container called a chest is in Ender.
        a supporter called a stage is in Ender.

        Easter is east of Starter.
        a man called Bart is in Easter.
        a woman called Mary is in Easter.
        a pill, a hill, and a thrill are in Easter.
        a container called a basket is in Easter.
        a supporter called a chair is in Easter.

        Wester is west of Starter.
        a man called Steve is in Wester.
        a woman called Celia is in Wester.
        a fish, a wish, and a dish are in Wester.
        a container called a barrel is in Wester.
        a supporter called a couch is in Wester.

        test rooms with "rooms".

        test things with "things".

        test men with "men".

        test women with "women".

        test places with "places".
        test objects with "objects".
        test containers with "containers".

        test supporters with "supporters"

        test vehicles with "vehicles"

        test patrollers with "patrollers"

        test 1 with "rooms/places".

        test 2 with "things/objects".

        test 3 with "containers".

        test 4 with "supporters".

        test 5 with "men/women".

        test 6 with "patrollers"

        test 7 with "vehicles"
        test all with "test 1/test 2/test 3/test 4/test 5/test 6/test 7"