version 11 by Al Golden

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    Changes to Version 11

    Added a function for showing Patrollers if you are using
    Michael Callaghan's Patrollers Extension.
    You must place this after Patrollers in your source code.

    Also added 2 new functions for showing vehicles and doors in the game..

    Changes to Version 10

    The record-replay function has been stripped out of this extension.
    If you want those features then install Record-Replay by Al Golden.

    In addition a "supporters" verb has been added to list supporters
    for the author during the debugging process which like the others
    will not be used in a release version.

    This version adds the following that will NOT be included in released games:
    a List of rooms,a List of objects and locations,
    a List of male NPCs and locations
    and a List of female NPCs and locations.

    To see the rooms: Type "ROOMS"

    To see the objects: type "THINGS".

    To see Male NPCs: type "MEN" or "MALES"

    To see Female NPCs: type "WOMEN" or "FEMALES"

    Tp see animals: type "ANIMALS"

    To see containers: type "CONTAINERS"

    To see supporters: type "SUPPORTERS"

    To see patrollers (if Patroller extension is used): type "PATROLLERS"

    To see vehicles: type "VEHICLES"

    To see backdrops: type "BACKDROPS"

    To see regions: type "REGIONS"