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  • Section - Controlling Spin

    Querying spinnables is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand "spin" as querying spinnables.

    Check querying spinnables when player-disabled-spin is true (this is the players who have disabled spin can't query it rule): say "You've disabled spin for this game." instead.

    Carry out querying spinnables (this is the display visible spinnables rule): say "[one of]In this story, certain obstacles have been introduced to impede your forward progress. Some delight in puzzling out ways past these obstacles. However, if you find an obstacle you grow tired of or wish to skip past, you can SPIN that obstacle to overcome it. You must have spin to use it; you gain spin by experimenting with obstacles, successfully or unsuccessfully.[paragraph break]Some people prefer to play without spin. Type SPIN OFF to disable spin for the remainder of the game.[paragraph break][or][stopping][if player-has-spin is true]Visible things that can be spun: [the list of visible spinnable things][otherwise]Right now, you don't have spin[end if]."

    Disabling spin is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand "spin off" as disabling spin. Carry out disabling spin (this is the disable spin rule): now player-disabled-spin is true; say "Spin has been permanently disabled." Understand "spin on" as a mistake ("Disabling spin is permanent. You can type RESTART to begin a new game with spin enabled.").

    To say award -- beginning award_spin: (- {-allocate-storage:award_spin}if (I7_ST_award_spin-->{-counter:award_spin} == false) {-open-brace} I7_ST_award_spin-->{-advance-counter:award_spin} = true; gainSpin(); -).
    To say spin -- ending award_spin:
    (- {-close-brace} -).

    Spin ends here.